armalit logoJSC Machine building plant Armalit Armalit manufactures ship fittings, rubber shock absorbers AKSS; forgings, castings made of cast iron, steel and non-ferrous metals; and provides services for machining.


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JSC «Machine building plant Armalit» – it is a modern production complex with multiple activities. JSC «Machine building plant Armalit» manufactures ship fittings, designed for use in piping systems (with nominal diameters from 10 to 750 mm and pressure up to 100 kg/cm2, by special orders up to 600 kg/cm2); rubber shock-absorbers; forgings, iron castings, steel and non-ferrous metals; and provides services in the field of machining parts.

The history of JSC «Machine building plant Armalit» originated in 1878 when a German industrialist R. K. Grosch were based foundry and machine shops in St. Petersburg. For more than a century of history the company has repeatedly changed the name, but the specialization remains unchanged, as well as the reliability and quality of our products.

Since 2006 JSC «Machine building plant Armalit» is part of the JSC «HSKR»

The plant's products (manufacture and supply):

  • marine pipe fittings;
  • stabilizers pressure in pipeline systems;
  • rubber shock absorbers АКСС;
  • model, forging, machining, measuring tooling;
  • castings of various types of steels, cast iron, bronze and brass;
  • non-standard cutting tool;
  • stamping and forging.

Our services:

  • heat treatment;
  • machining of cast and forged blanks;
  • hydraulic testing of blanks and parts;
  • services of the Central laboratory, accredited by Gosstandart to act as arbitration.
  • installation and printing offset presses subsequent service Factor-90.

Our clients:

Shipbuilding and ship repair companies:

  • JSC «Admiralteyskie verfi»;
  • JSC «Sevmash»;
  • JSC «Baltic shipyard «Yantar»;
  • JSC «The repair center «Zvezdochka».

Industrial enterprises:

  • УП «unitary enterprise «MZKT» («Minsk wheel tractor plant»);
  • JSC «UDMZ» («Ural dieselmotors plant»);
  • JSC «The Factory Compressor»;
  • JSC «Proletarsky Zavod»;
  • JSC «Baltic plant».

 As well as the utilities companies and railway.

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